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tv   North Korean Foreign Minister Says President Trump is on a Suicide Mission  CSPAN  September 24, 2017 12:45pm-1:09pm EDT

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i welcome the new sanction measures of the united states, and i'd like to offer my heartfelt support for that. bearing in mind those measures between the three countries, we will have the collaboration so that we will move toward the abandoning of nuclear weapons and nuclear program by north korea, and we'd like to lead into the next action. thank you. >> thank you very much, everybody. we're also going to be discussing trade transactions and trade deals with japan and with south korea, and that will be very important. but this is something that obviously will take precedence. so thank you all very much for being here. we appreciate it. we'll see you later. thank you. >> is dialogue still possible with north korea? >> thank you.
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[captions copyright national cable satellite corp. 2017] [captioning performed by the national captioning institute, which is responsible for its caption content and accuracy. visit] >> in his speech to the united nations general assembly, north korea's foreign minister responded to trump's remarks about north korea's leader and reiterated the threat of a possible missile attack on the u.s. mainland. his remarks are just over 20 minutes. floor to now give the his excellency ri yong ho, minister for foreign affairs of the democratic people's republic of korea. >> mr. president, first of all, you one to congratulate your election as the president
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of this 72nd session of the united nations general assembly. i look forward to successful andomes of the presentation your able guidance. before going into the main points in my debate, i will -- feel forced to make comments on the speech offered four days ago by someone called the u.s. president that record this -- rendered the sacred u.n. arena tainted it since trump uttered words,ckless and violent provoking the supreme dignity of -- democratic republican democratic people's republic of korea, i think it is fair enough for me to make a response in the corresponding tone. during his eight months in power, he has turned the white lace into a noisy market
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-- and now, heof has tried to turn the u.n. arena into a gangster's nest where bloodshed is the order of the day. the absurd reality that a person like trump, a mentally deranged person, full of megalomania, to called even by the american people as president evil, holding the seat of u.s. president, and the dangerous reality on a gambler who grew old and all other schemes to , holds a patch of land nuclear button. these are what constitutes the greatest threat to the international community today.
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lacking of basic, from prideledge, and to, the supreme dignity of my to ary, by referring it rockets, by doing so, however, he committed an irreversible rocketsof making our visit to the entire u.s. mainland inevitable all the more. trump himself is on a suicide mission. in case innocent lives of the u.s. are lost because of the suicide attack, trump will be held totally responsible. of respective supreme leader the dprk, comrade kim jong-un,
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stated, as a man representing of thek and on behalf dignity and honor of my state and people and on my own, i will make the man holding the prerogative of the supreme command in the u.s. pay dearly for his speech calling for totally destroying the dprk. trump might not have been aware what is under from his mouth, but we will make sure that he bears consequences far beyond his words, far beyond the scope of what he can handle, even if he is ready to do so. mr. president, focusing on , striving for peace and a decent life for all honors sustainable planet is the theme of the current session. for all countries and people to enjoy peace and decency of life, it is imperative to realize general and international
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justice before anything else. realizing international justice is one of the main missions of the united nations. mr. president, article one of the u.n. charter stipulates to bring about, by peaceful means and in conformity with the principles of justice and orernational law, adjustment settlement of international disputes or situations which might lead to a breach of the peace. due to high headedness and arbitrariness of one particular big power, however, at present, the purpose and principles of the u.n. charter and other established basic as opposed of international relations are now wantonly ignored in the u.n. arena. abnormal ask of justifying and legitimizing high headedness and
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arbitrariness and the acts of violating truth and justice are tolerated. the most rampant violation of international justice can be seen on the korean peninsula. unprecedented acts of injustice, such as imposing harsh sanctions on a victim for the reason that the victim chose to stand up to the offender, are openly committed in the name of the u.n. the essence of the situation of the korean peninsula is a confrontation between the dprk and the u.s., where the former tries to defend its national dignity and sovereignty against the latter's hostile policy and nuclear threats. the countrytates is that first produced nuclear weapons and the only country that actually used it, massacring hundreds of thousands of civilians. it is the u.s. that threatened to use nuclear weapons against the dprk during the korean war in the 1950's and first introduced nuclear weapons into the korean peninsula after the
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war. the u.s. started large-scale joint military exercises against dprk during the cold war period and further increased their scope and aggressive nature after the cold war, staging the exercises several times a year by mobilizing more of nuclear strategic assets. what else could he a bigger threat than the violent remarks such as poor and "fire and fury," "total destruction, close vote coming from the top biggesty of the world's nuclear power. hadvery reason they dprk to possess nuclear weapons is because of the u.s. and it had to strengthen and develop its nuclear force onto the current level to cope with the u.s. the u.s. hostile policy and nuclear threats have continued has let thes and
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situation on the korean peninsula to a touch and go point. but in the united nations, unjustifiable resolutions which a legalized justice as investors -- injustice are random adopted due to the high headedness of the u.s. the respected supreme leader, comrade can jump in, chairman of the dprk, said international justice is never achieved itself. it can only be achieved when the anti-palest independent countries are strong enough. unless true international justice is realized, the only valid. the principle is that was must be dealt with force and nuclear weapons of tyranny must be dealt with nuclear hammer of justice. the possession of nuclear
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deterrence by the dprk is a righteous self-defense of -- sel taken as anmeasure ultimate option, pursuant to this principle. recently, the dprk has successfully conducted icbm-mountable h-bomb test as a part of efforts to achieve the goal of completing the state nuclear force. with this, the dprk has entered a phase of completing the state nuclear force in accordance with its line of simultaneous the element of the economy and the nuclear force. our national nuclear force is, to all intents and purposes, a war deterrent for putting an end to nuclear threat of the u.s. and for preventing its monetary invasion. and our ultimate goal is to establish the power balance with the u.s. fingers -- distinguished delegates of all countries attending are aware of
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the fact that the dprk, unlike other nuclear weapons states, made public every time to the world the test process and its result in all stages of the development and advancement of its nuclear force. since the war deterrent for safeguarding peace and security of the korean peninsula and the region is strengthened enough, the united states and its followers must now inc. twice -- think twice before launching military provocation against the dprk. although they talk about "fire and fury," "total destruction," and whatever, every time, they have to add berries conditions, such as "hopefully, this will not be necessary, those quote "this is not our first option," and so on. accordingly, we are convinced that peace and security of the northeast asia and the region as a whole have been as much consolidated.
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we do not need anyone's recognition of our status as a nuclear weapons state and our capability of nuclear strike. the icbm marked with sacred name of the dprk flew over the universe above the endless blue sky. the warhead of our rocket left its trace on the blue ways of the pacific ocean. and the tremendous explosion and vibration of the hydrogen bomb were recorded by this planet. although our decision to possess nuclear weapons was an invertible -- inevitable option force by the united states, a resulted in our country achieving the status of nuclear weapons state and a rocket power. and this prestige has now become an immortal destiny of the dprk. mr. president, the failure of the united nations in fulfilling its role in realizing genuine international justice is primarily related to the
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undemocratic old practices of the security council. it is none other than the security council which fromgards the u.n. charter the very first article and only acts in pursuit of the will and interest of its permanent member states. it is not incidental that the issue on reform of the security council had already been decided 62 at92 by resolution 47/ the 47th session of the u.n.g.a. since then, the u.n. reform issue has been discussed at the u.n.g.a every year during the past on the five years but without any progress at all. this fact itself shows how deeply the current permanent members are obsessed in their best interests. one permanent member alone can veto the general will of over 190 u.n. member states.
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undemocratic u.n. organ is the security council. at this forum, i would like to once again remind all the distinguished get delegates -- delegates of the unjust and unfair nature of the resolutions adopted by the security council against the dprk. first, the security council fabricated illegal and double standard resolutions, which only be the satellite launch of the dprk in violation of the international law prescribing peaceful use about his face as a sovereign rate -- right of every second, the security council cooked up illegal and double standard resolutions which arbitrarily prohibits only the nuclear tests of the dprk, although nuclear test quickly belongs to the sovereignty of
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every state since the international law on prohibition of nuclear test has not yet entered into force and there are countries that conducted many more nuclear tests. third, the security council condemned the development of nuclear weapons by the dprk as a "threat to international peace on that basis,nd fabricated even eagle and double standard resolutions in contravention of article 51 of the u.n. charter which recognizes the right to self-defense of every state and without calling into question the other countries that caps on developing the latest nuclear weapons of various kinds. the reason these unjust and unfair resolutions continue to be adopted is that the permanent members of the security council, all nuclear powers, have a common interest in maintaining their monopolistic nuclear status.
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unscermanent members of are talking much about nonproliferation of nuclear weapons. viewed from the aspect of nuclear nonproliferation, the dprk cost possession of nuclear weapons is a righteous self-defense of maneuver. actually, the international agreement on nuclear nonproliferation was possible because the nuclear weapons notes have made the promise to threaten nonnuclear weapon states with the nuclear weapons. the npt stipulates that each party shall have the right to withdraw from the treaty if it decides that it's supreme interests have been jeopardized. recognizes that the supreme interests of states are above the nuclear nonproliferation. after all, the u.s. itself impeded the international
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efforts for nuclear nonproliferation are not giving up the nuclear threat against the dprk, but rather compelling the latter to possess nuclear weapons. this eloquently shows that the anti-dprk resolutions are not based on any established rates that they are nothing less than the products of undemocratic old practice of the security council and the conspiracy and collusion of the forces upset only in their vested interests. u.s. claims that the dprk's possession of h-bomb and icbm constitutes a global threat even as -- at the u n arena. such claim is a big lie which is just tantamount to the notorious big lie faked up by the u.s. in --3 about the existence of any rock of weapons of mass destruction in order to invade that country.
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the democratic people's republic of korea is a responsible nuclear weapon state. will take preventative measures by merciless preemptive action in case the u.s. and its vessel forces show any sign of conducting a kind of operation on our headquarters or military attack against our country. however, we do not have any intention at all to use or threaten to use nuclear weapons against the countries that do not join in the u.s. military actions against the dprk. an u.s. is resorting to intrigue of condemning the dprk's nuclear possession as "a global threat" in order to find a pretext for coercing the u.n. member states to implementing the anti-dprk "sanctions resolutions." this is a sneaky and selfish attempt by the u.s. to avoid its responsibility for the nuclear issue of the korean peninsula and to pursue its own interests by using and
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sacrificing other countries that have nothing to do with this issue. government of the dprk made a request to the u.n. secretariat that a form of international law expert be legalzed to assess grounds and lawfulness of the unsc "resolutions." but we have not heard anything from the secretary for nine months already. same is true of the fact that the db arcade made repeated requests to the unsc to discuss the serious threat to the international peace and security posed by the aggressive and provocative u.s. south korea large scale joint military exercises, but these requests were never put on the unsc agenda, rather turned down every time. the u.n. charter stipulates that the members of the united nations except and carry out the decisions of the security council. "resolutions" on the dprk adopted at the security council
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are truly lawful and fair, there will be no need that all u.s. ambassadors abroad and even the president and the state secretary turnout to coerce other countries into "resolutions."e furthermore, there will be no bring itshe u.s. to stooges like south korea and japan into this. the u.n. member states should not yield in to pressure of an individual big power in dealing but the unsc resolutions make an independent judgment on a lawfulness, impartiality and morality of the resolutions and contribute to promoting reform of the unsc by further raising their voices against high handedness and arbitrariness. the u.s. has put sanctions against our country from the very first day of its foundation and the over 70 year long history of the dprk and be
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said any sense a history of struggle, persevering along the road of self-development under the harshest sanctions in the world. through such a prolonged and arduous struggle, we are now finally only a few steps away from the final gates of completion of the state nuclear force. it is only a forlorn hope to consider any chance that the dprk would be shaken on inch or change its stance due to harsher sanctions i hostile forces. certainly come in at future when we settle all damages inflicted on our peaceful economic development and improvement of the people's livelihood and all suffering imposed on our innocent women, children, and elderly by the heinous and barbaric sanctions against our republic. the dprk already organized a national damage investigation committee to make comprehensive study of total damages inflicted
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on our republic by all kinds of sanctions. this committee will thoroughly investigate and compile all physical and moral damages imposed upon the dprk by the u.s., its followers, and also those countries that submitted to the u.s. coercion. when thiscket of -- racket of sanctions and pressure reaches a critical point, thus driving the korean peninsula into an uncontrollable situation, investigation results of this committee will have a huge affect in holding those accountable. mr. president, my delegation takes this opportunity to extend strong support and so did just solidarity with the cuban government and people who are fighting to defend national sovereignty and realized the international justice against the high handedness, arbitrariness, and unilateral embargo of the u.s.. we also express strong support and solidarity with the government and people of
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venezuela were fighting to defend the national sovereignty and the cause of socialism. the unjust and contemptible acts such as turning a blind eye to the heinous act of israel while condemning in every manner only the syrian government fighting to protect its national sovereignty and security should not be tolerated any longer. the dprk government will certainly defend peace and security of the country with its new -- powerful nuclear and also contribute to safeguarding world peace and security. thank you, mr. president. >> i think the mr. -- minister for foreign affairs of the democratic people's of korea. >> a discussion on what diplomatic options are available to the u.s. concerning north korea's nuclear program. from washington journal, this is


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